I do not use, and am not associated with Afternic or Sedo

Recently a number of false listings of my domain names have appeared on Afternic and Sedo
To contact me to verify if one of my domain name sales listing is genuine -
Please use my contact ticket system at Baronets

If it is listed with Sedo or Afternic, then it will have been submitted by one of their scammers,
and will not be available for sale through their platform under any circumstances.
Cautionary note when bidding on Sedo or Afternic -
contact the registrant listed in the whois information to verify that the listing is genuine.
Neither Sedo or Afternic verifies ownership before listing names

The following names are owned by me, and are listed for sale at Afternic. Afternic does not have the abilitty to deliver these names.

SimplyPho.com - This name is not for sale on any platform
Wise Accountant.comListed by Afternic for $688, but is currently on the Name Silo market site with a BIN of $2,500.

The following names are listed by Sedo. Sedo does not have the right, or the ability, to sell these names

RMG blockchain.com - This name is not for sale on any platform.

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Thanks for all the replies, they are helping me to decide on an investment strategy for this year. @garptrader - you've touched on one of the problems. Many end users seem to thing the value of a domain name is the same as its registration fee. Somehow we have to presuade them that values are similar to real property prices. You don't value a house at the cost of a land registry filing fee for example. My problem is in deciding on an investment plan for the new year. If I can give a hypothetical example. I acquire 5 domain names for a combined cost of $50, and I receive